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Posted on January 4, 2011




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I’m a KB satisfied user. Feeling ko nag glo-glow ang skin ko

when we went to splash island.

–Sweetlipsticks, Entrepreneur, KB User

I use KB not only for my skin but also for my health.

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July 2009

KB- Kyusoku Bihaku made my skin lighter, softer, asmoother than before

I’m not yet using KB..

After 1 month of using KB

After 3 months of using kb

I’m very satisfied with the result. Thanks!

The first and the only effective glutathione! try it and see for yourself! you wont regret, trust me.

KYUSOKU BIHAKU… number 1! 🙂

tested and proven 🙂

Mike – Manila, Philippines

02/29/2008 4:36 pm

My husband is a helicopter pilot so he gets so stressed with the vibration produced by the aircraft. Actually a belief among helicopter pilots has been circulating since time immemorial that a lot of them cou ld hardly have a child because of the strenuous impact of their work: stress, vibration and pressure. In short, they mean flying as ¡®NAKAKABAOG¡¯ or it makes a guy infertile. Ms Mikki, advised me to let my husband take it because she said that KB PLUS NAC is the answer for low sperm count and stress…and of course she was worried about me because I have not gotten pregnant for more than two years since my miscarriage. After only three months of taking KB PLUS NAC, my husband was definitely surprised to see two stripes on my pregnancy test. He was thankful to Ms Miki, saying, ¡°Buti nalang nakinig tayo sa kanya!

With faith in GOD, I am now pregnant because of KYUSOKU BIHAKU PLUS NAC! Plus nakakatuwa because of its many benefits of being a master anti oxidant! YOU¡¯VE GOT TO BELIEVE IT COZ IT¡¯S REALLY TRUE!

(second testimonial)

Nakakabilib din talaga ang Powers ng KB PLUS NAC! I am a fixed wing pilot so I fly at high altitudes and land at different airports… that¡¯s why at the end of the day, I get so tired and so stressed because of the effect of pressure altitude that my body experiences. But when I started taking KB, honestly, I was always on the go!…my body felt energized that no amount of pressure and stress could stop me from doing my work! Plus, everybody noticed my glowing skin! Super pang wellness talaga ang KB!

Faye Micor – Cebu City, Philippines
03/5/2008 8:48 am

The only gluta that ive tried, that works! promise.. see for yourself and b amazed for d whole new you! 🙂
I’m very glad to encounter such wonderful product that actually works.. thank you KB. 🙂

BLUE Laurence
07/8/2008 3:49 pm

I used to take so many kinds of beauty products pero only KB reallly works! Even my skin allergy was gone.
Cora, Shop Owner

you must try it to see t he results… you won’t regret it… proven to be effective and safe! chewyme 03/23/2008 9:17 pm

It really works!
Christine, RN

Effective talaga.
Joy -Malate, Manila, Phil

i love this product…

Kim – Manila, Philippines

02/28/2008 5:15 pm