MF3 Vegetal Placenta (Dermacenta)

Posted on January 5, 2011


MF3 Vegetal Placenta (Dermacenta)

MF3 VP (Plant Placenta Capsule)

For more than 15 years, Swiss and European scientist Researchers and Biotechnologists has been researching and developing a new and equally impressive substitute for Animal Placenta Extract in oral supplement form. In 2001, this unique creation was successfully tested and developed.

Similarly to mammals, plants do have embryos. The Placenta of the plant origin is produced at the heart of their young buds. It nourishes the fruit of the plant during its growing stage.

Dermacenta (vegetal placenta or VP in short) offers the same effect of a stimulating action on increased cell renewal and is deemed as a scientific substitute for human or animal placenta extracts. It regenerates & invigorates the skin, stimulating cellular renewal, improves the oxygen supply in our cell and enhances the protein synthesis in our skin to maintain its youthfulness.

Extracted from cell culture of a special rare species of Non-GMO (non genetically modified) plant, Dermacenta is rich in Amino Acid particularly Alanine and Proline. It is hydrolised by enzymes and biostimulins.

In a physiological scientific study conducted on human volunteers, the cellular turnover was measured by the DHA method: The disappearance of the skin’s artificial color allows us to measure the rare of exfoliation and corneocytes turnover. After using the product, diluted at 50%, for 11 days the cellular turnover has been increased by minimum 26%.

MF3 VP has similar effects as MF3 PE but is of 100% vegetable based, extracts from young Soy Plant, cater for those who are or prefer vegetarian. After consumption of 2 to 6 boxes (depending on individual life style) of MF3 VP, you can begin to feel and enjoy the followings

-Rejuvenation and Anti-aging

-Regenerated cells, tissues and organs

-Improvement in the immune system

-Younger, more Vibrant Looks and Firmer Body

-Lightening of Facial pigmentation

-Refining of Facial pores and smoother skin

-Decrease risk of heart diseases and cancer